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What’s a Zero-Day Attack?

Zero-day attack, as cool as it may sound, is one of the most harmful web attacks because it is invisible. It consists of exploiting a vulnerability of a software that its developers aren’t aware of. It is extremely hard to prevent these attacks and by the time there is a fix, the damage has already […]


Protect Sensitive Data within the Cloud

It’s pretty clear by now that the next frontier for online businesses is to move to the cloud. However, the term ‘cloud’ is still a relatively new idea that can help businesses greatly improve their productivity, efficiency, and save on resource costs. However, this overly anticipated rush to the cloud isn’t without its limitation. One […]

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Web Vulnerabilities 101: What’s SQL Injection?

If you’re familiar with the digital or cyber world at all, you have probably seen the terms “SQL” or “SQL injection” thrown around. SQL is a simply put, a database language. In fact, SQL stands for Structured Query Language, and it was designed to operate database systems like the aptly named MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, or […]


Cyber Attacks on Banks: How Vulnerable is Your Money?

When it comes to online banking, there’s no room for tolerating sloppy data security. You might not lose any sleep if your (hopefully unique) Adobe password is leaked and you may only experience a few minutes of rage if your Dota 2 game is DDoSed. But if your bank goes offline, you had better hope […]


Are You Protected from an Internal Data Breach?

When prompted with the word “hacking,” often times, people’s first thought is of a guy sitting in the dark on his laptop trying to access a company’s server hundreds of miles away. However, according to Infosecurity Europe, 42% of security professionals consider hack attacks to come from day-to-day activities like insider threats.  Although the media […]


Database Encryption: the new trend?

We’ve talked quite a bit about database encryption in this blog, and perhaps you have heard about it on the news or in the media as well. Every other day a company is hacked. Data is everywhere. Cyber security is an unavoidable topic as of late, especially here in Korea. In Seoul, digitization is the […]

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