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Web Security: Why Does It Matter?

Once upon a time, to access the web we had to have access to our PCs. Perhaps it wasn’t that long ago, but now with our smart devices, we can access the Internet no matter where we’re currently located. Especially here in Korea, everything is inextricably connected. Companies have even jumped on board with this new-found “connectedness.” Nowadays […]

DB Encryption 101: How to Implement

Recently, as information security needs have increased rapidly, various security techniques and strategies have drawn attention. Encryption is one approach that’s attracted the most attention. Penta Security was Korea’s first to develop a DB encryption product so we often get these types of questions: I think a lot of these questions come out of fear […]


Cloud Trends…or Cloud Threats?

“Cloud” is a term that’s thrown around quite often in the IT world. But are we talking enough about cloud threats? Even if you’re not familiar with technology, you probably own at least one device that’s essential to your every-day responsibilities. Your immediate thought? Probably your smart phone. Mobile technology affects every corner of our lives. […]


Web Application Firewalls – Essential For All Websites

As we enter the dawn of a web generation, there is an awful lot of stress upon web security being vocalized everywhere. Hearing the same thing over and over again can get old. We hear about how important web security is without really being told what that means. This leads to frustration and exhaustion on […]


A Bird’s Eye View on Security by Seokwoo Lee, CEO of Penta Security

“The demand for encryption is on the rise due to the continued leakage of personal information. Encryption is being used everywhere, from data to automobile protection,” Penta Security Systems CEO Seokwoo Lee stated – that introducing the D’Amo data encryption solution was one of the major factors that has led the company to what it […]

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DB Encryption: Business Insight from Our CTO

“D’Amo,” one of the primary product offerings by IT security company Penta Security Systems, celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. As such, Penta Security’s CTO, Duksoo Kim, shared his business insight regarding the industry and technologies. The DB encryption solutions market has increased very rapidly since its introduction. Accordingly, Penta Security’s D’Amo has become one […]

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