#1 for KONEPS DB Encryption Market

koneps db encryption market share

Penta Security on top for three consecutive years. An average 39% of market share for KONEPS DB Encryption

Penta Security announced that D’Amo is number one in the “KONEPS (Korea ON-line E-Procurement System) DB Encryption Market,” with a 36% market share in 2014.

KONEPS is the Korean government procurement system. The system provides comprehensive information of all public organizations. Currently it organizes the information of over 37,000 public organizations and 120,000 private firms.

Penta Security has maintained its position as market leader for three consecutive years. According to KONEPS’ integrated procurement information system, a statistic system for the KONEPS public procurement service, the public DB encryption reached a market size of USD 32 million in 2014. D’Amo supplied for USD 11.4 million, an average of 39%.

What is D’Amo?

D’Amo is an integrated data security solution that can encrypt data in databases. It also provides key management, auditing features and a robust access control system. It can provide the best available encryption method for various DBMS environments. Some of these environments include Oracle, MS-SQL, DBS, Altibase, and Tibero. It supports various DBMS encryption methods, including the API encryption method, plug-in encryption method, hybrid method, In-place method, and Data Encryption Platform (DEP).

Penta Security COO Seokil Cho commented,

“D’Amo was the first commercial database encryption solution in Korea, and we are celebrating its 11st anniversary this year. Over the last 11 years, we have made an effort to understand and meet the needs of customers, rather than just merely become a solution to meet compliance issues. We will continue to do our best to improve the data security level of the nation.”

Global Partners in Korea

Penta Security held its Global Sales Kick-off from March 16 to 19 at the Conrad Seoul Hotel for its global partners in Korea.

Participants in the event included representatives and engineers from global partners from six countries. They were Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates. During the event, Penta Security introduced its new security solutions including Cloud based WAF (SaaS) “Cloudbric.” They also introduced the Open source based data encryption solution “MyDiamo.” Lastly, an overview of WAPPLES, a major export product for the company, was featured. Partners shared success stories from sales managers in and out of Korea.

Penta Security has been the most active Korean IT security company in global marketing activities. Many of these activities included participating in global security conferences and local advertising. Penta Security explained that such efforts have been why its WAF has become a top-three vendor in Asia Pacific Market.

Jaeson Yoo, the head of global business, remarked his positive outlook.

“Other than WAPPLES, which has been successful in branding in global market, there is a growing number of enquiries about authentication solution ISign+ and the data encryption platform D’Amo.” He continued, “2015 will be the year that Penta Security gets to the next level in in the global market.”