Frost & Sullivan’s “Web Application Firewall of the Year” Award

Data encryption and web security solution provider, Penta Security Systems Inc. (CEO Seokwoo Lee,, has received the Web Application Firewall of the Year Award from global research consultant Frost & Sullivan for its web security solution, WAPPLES. The ceremony took place this past June 27, 2013 in Seoul’s 63 Convention Center building.

Headquartered in the United States, Frost & Sullivan is a global research and consulting firm with a 50-year history. Frost & Sullivan releases its annual findings on the best businesses from over 40 different nations in numerous fields and markets (ICT, Environmental, Electronics, Energy, Healthcare, etc.)

Penta Security’s Web Application Firewall, WAPPLES

Penta Security’s WAPPLES was chosen for its excellence in customer trust, innovative technology, performance capability, and ability to meet market needs. When presenting the award, Frost & Sullivan stated, “The web application firewall market in Korea has been continually expanding, and the perception of WAFs has improved recently due to their ability to solve issues concerning applications and the cloud. Moreover, seems like the market will continue its expansion in the future. For these reasons, we have decided to include web application firewall as one of our categories of awards.”

This recent ceremony included other winners in other categories as well. The winner of Frost & Sullivan’s Energy award went to Lotte Chemical; the Enterprise Telephony vendor winner was Samsung Electric; and the Unified Communications vendor award went to Microsoft. Altogether, 19 different categories were awarded to outstanding businesses in their respective markets.

Penta Security’s Vice President, Mr. Seok-Il Cho commented, “Frost & Sullivan’s ‘Web Application Firewall of the Year’ award is proof of WAPPLES’ impressive capabilities within the WAF market.” Mr. Cho continued, “This will only motivate Penta Security to continue our efforts in making WAPPLES stand out within the international marketplace as well.”



"D’Amo for SAP”, the Encryption Solution for SAP

D’Amo for SAP, developed by data encryption and web security solution provider, Penta Security Systems Inc. (CEO Seokwoo Lee,, is an encryption solution that was specifically designed to run on SAP. Loads of personal data and confidential information is stored in company SAP systems. This type of information is required by law to be encrypted in many nations throughout the world, particularly in Korea, where a new privacy act has been enforced since the beginning of 2013. Moreover, sales information residing in SAP is some of the most critical data that a company is advised to secure against breach attempts.

It is not possible to encrypt data on SAP using pre-existing encryption solutions because they do not allow users to freely modify stored business application data. This makes most enterprises hesitant about adopting encryption solutions for their SAP. To overcome this limitation, Penta Security Systems Inc. released the SAP encryption solution in 2012, aptly named “D’Amo for SAP”, which comes equipped with a patented encryption technology known as FPE (Format Preserving Encryption).

The SAP Encryption Solution

D’Amo for SAP’s encryption technology has been certified by SAP, guaranteeing the stability and performance of D’Amo for SAP systems. Along with D’Amo for SAP’s encryption technology, its appliance-type KMS (Key Management Server) offers secure key management for strong authority control.

Previously, it could be quite a complicated process to encrypt data in an ERP. D’Amo for SAP and its included KMS are easily deployed in SAP systems without those complications. In addition, real-time monitoring of the system resources and auditing features make managing a secure SAP system convenient.

Penta Security’s Focus

Penta Security has recently been focusing on small and medium-sized medical centers. As a result, in March they formed an alliance with Choongwae Information Technology, an OCS/EMR provider. This alliance makes it possible to provide D’Amo for SAP together with Choongwae Information Technolgoy’s OCS/EMR product, CI OCS/EMR. CI SFE is a mobile version of CI OCS/EMR programs and is mostly used by medical centers and pharmaceutical companies.