[Security News] ALPHV/BlackCat hits healthcare after retaliation threat, FBI says_cover story_test

February 2024


1. ALPHV/BlackCat hits healthcare after retaliation threat, FBI says

The ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware gang is targeting the healthcare sector following its threats to retaliate against law enforcement interference. A day after the advisory was released, the gang also claimed responsibility for a recent attack on Change Healthcare causing widespread disruption across US pharmacies. Security researchers from First Health Advisory and RedSense have said that exploitation of a critical ConnectWise ScreenConnect vulnerability may have been involved in the Change Healthcare attack.

Sources: SC Media, CNN, The Register


2. Chinese Spies Hack Dutch Networks With Novel Coathanger Malware

Chinese state-backed spies infiltrated Dutch defense networks last year and used novel malware dubbed “Coathanger” in a bid to steal sensitive information, according to the intelligence and security services of the Netherlands.Fortinet published a critical advisory for the zero-day vulnerability in December 2022 and warned that it was being exploited by an “advanced actor” in attacks on “governmental or government-related targets.”

Sources: Infosecurity Magazine, Cyber Daily, The Register


3. ALPHV ransomware claims loanDepot, Prudential Financial breaches

The ALPHV/Blackcat ransomware gang has claimed responsibility for the recent network breaches of Prudential Financial and mortgage lender loanDepot. This attack leading to a massive data breach at LoanDepot, has exposed the personal information of nearly 17 million individuals. It’s not clear which financial account numbers the company is referring to (banking, mortgage, etc.), and loanDepot has still not divulged the amount of data that may have been stolen by the attackers. ALPHV plans to sell the stolen data from loanDepot’s network and release Prudential’s data for free after failed negotiations.

Sources: Bleeping Computer, Hack Read, Cyber News


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